Upcoming Event! COVID-19 impact on the future of RegTech

Digitalization is gaining momentum due to social distancing measures imposed as a result of the Corona virus outbreak. Is this phenomenon present within the Governance, Risk and Compliance space as well? Are we seeing the perfect opportunity for RegTech to become mainstream when organizations are forced to opening their eyes and minds for new digital solutions? Or are we entering a “quick fix”, “move fast” era where regulations and compliance will have to take a back seat to kickstarting the economy?

In our first online Meetup, hosted in partnership with Antler, we will explore these questions, and more. Our speakers will be Johan Wallquist who works with digital transformation at Centigo together with Janne Järvenoja from NordCheck, a Regtech company focusing on reducing compliance risks and automating compliance processes. We will also hear from Eric Johansson, editor at RegTech Analyst.

Johan Wallquist will focus on how digitalization is happening in the background of Corona and how the virus is driving a more digital behavior and creating possibilities for companies that have a digitally focused offering and thereby can set the digital agenda.

Janne Järvenoja will talk about his experience as a Regtech during the current uncertainty, how are they handling the situation and what are they seeing and hearing from potential clients.

Eric Johnsson will give us some insight on what trends they are seeing on the global market in, and around, Regtech.

There will be presentations from all three speakers followed by a panel discussion where we will take questions from the audience and try to make it as interactive as possible.

Questions for the panel discussion can be submitted via the chat function in Zoom during the meeting.

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