Event: Digital Transformation for Banks: Trends and Challenges

The digitalisation processes reshaping every area of the modern economy are a fertile field for business opportunities, but some sectors tend to take a more conservative approach than others. The financial industry is a good example. Heavily regulated and trust-driven, financial institutions are rarely perceived as early adopters of innovative trends. According to Gartner’s estimates, an astonishing 80% of banks may go under by 2030. What would be an appropriate focus for 2020? How to future-proof your business today?

Make sure to join the free webinar with experienced financial innovation professionals from Ukraine and Sweden to explore the latest trends in the evolving sector! You are going to hear from Hanna Khrystianovych, a Fintech program manager at Sigma Software and Rickard Eriksson, a senior adviser at the Swedish Bankers’ Association. Sergii Danylenko, VP at Middleware Inc., North America, Corezoid.com will moderate the discussion.

Read more on the event page on LinkedIn or click on the button above to register!


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