CCAF: Global Covid-19 Fintech Market Rapid Assessment Survey

At the Nordic RegTech Association, we believe that FinTechs (including the RegTechs) can play an instrumental role both in providing compliant and transparent financial services to the community and aiding in long-term economic recovery. In these times, the generation of timely data and actionable insights through a globally comparable study is critical to highlight this effort and inform evidence-based regulation and policymaking. We are pleased to announce that we strongly support the initiative of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), World Bank Group and World Economic Forum to organise the Global Covid-19 Fintech Market Rapid Assessment Study and we are calling all our members to take part in this study!

The survey aims to understand the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the global FinTech and RegTech markets, the industries responses to challenges and their regulatory and policy concerns. The research aims to capture responses from 15,000 FinTech firms in over 190 countries around the world with the support of over 150 industry associations and FinTech ecosystem partners. You can read CCAF’s press release and media coverage of the study here: Link 1,  Link 2,  Link 3,  Link 4. To ensure timely delivery of this rapid response study, the survey will close on July 31st, 2020.

The survey consists of 18 questions and should take no more than 30 mins to complete if you have information at hand. All survey data will be sanitised, anonymised and aggregated (e.g. by country and geography) before analysis and presentation, therefore no individual entity’s data will be divulged. 

CCAF will publish aggregate responses from you and your peers in our Global Covid-19 FinTech Market Rapid Assessment Report  in Q3 2020, providing timely data and actionable insights for market participants, regulators and policymakers to make swift and evidence-based decisions. 

In the RegTech sector, CCAF benchmark study of 2019 reached 111 firms and we would like to help them beat this number this year. This will be the first truly global assessment of how the alternative finance ecosystem is adjusting to the Covid-19 Pandemic and creating solutions in light of these unprecedented times. 

Please join our collective efforts to shed light on the global FinTech and RegTech industries, and their role in providing vital financial services for consumers and firms at this crucial time.  A global challenge such as Covid-19 requires global solutions underpinned by empirical evidence. 


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