The Annual General Meeting at the Nordic RegTech Association: Throwback at 2020 and Plans for the Future

The Nordic RegTech Association held its annual general meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd at 18:00 CET. We would like to thank everyone who participated! In this short blog post, we summarise the highlights of the Association’s work during the year 2020, our plans for the future as well as announce the results of the vote on the internal structure of the Association.

Let us start with a throwback on the year 2020 and a quick summary of the main events that took place in the Nordic RegTech space.

In early 2020, just like this year, our Chairman Richard Rosenholtz led the Regtech track of the Sthlm FinTech Week. Our Board Member Kari Syrja represented the Association on the FinTech Farm’s Regtech Day in Helsinki. Shortly thereafter, the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, and since then all the events that the Nordic RegTech Association hosted or participated in were held in the online format. One of the true highlights of these digital events this year was a MeetUp hosted in partnership with Antler. It was an early assessment of the pandemic effects on the industry as well as a timely discussion of an accelerating digitalization trend, which unraveled as a result of the social distancing measures. In early December, Richard participated in a presentation to the European Central Bank, talking about challenges of implementing a Regtech solution. The presentation attracted the attention of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and Richard has been asked to provide the regulator with the summary of the main points of his contribution.

Since we were not able to hold regular Regtech meetings physically, we saw this year as an opportunity to start working on establishing our online presence. In spring 2020 we went live with our website. There we regularly post relevant news in the field and useful updates about the live of the vibrant Nordic Regtech sector.

Meanwhile, the Nordic Regtech Association carried on its work with international relationships in order to create an integrated and efficient platform for fostering growth of the Nordic Regtech industry. For instance, this year we have began partnership discussions with the Australian Regtech Association. Stay tuned to learn more about our partnership in the weeks to come!

The voting for the most important decisions within the association takes place every year during the general meeting of the Nordic RegTech Association, and this year we are delighted to share the following key outcomes of the vote. Richard Rosenholtz had been elected as an executive chairman of the Nordic Regtech Association. Zaliia Gindullina had been elected as a vice chairwoman of the Nordic Regtech Association. We have welcomed two additional members to the board – Nikolaj Klein, who would represent the Association in Denmark, and Joar Langeland, who would represent the Association in Norway. Didde Henriksen had been elected as a executive board substitute this year. Thomas Wu and Kari Syrja had been re-elected as executive board members.

In the coming year, we will carry on our work with the community – we will continue participating in the industry events, gathering information on the latest trends within the space, as well as spreading awareness about our members and acting as a point of reference for the sector. We plan to formalise the ways we will work with our members and partners very soon, and we will let you know through our channels on social media and on our website.


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