About Us

Developing the RegTech Community in the Nordics

Nordic RegTech Association

Nordic RegTech Association is engaged in activities aimed at education, arranging and facilitating events, individual meetings, lobbying, promotion and other similar activities fostering the understanding and use of RegTech offerings in the financial industry, by government agencies, investors and other users that may benefit from it. Nordic RegTech Association will coordinate and cooperate with other membership associations within the financial industry. 

Our Team

Nordic RegTech Association is currently run by a team of professionals within Financial Industry who donate their time and expertise to build a thriving RegTech community in the Nordics. We continuously accept new motivated volunteers who can join us on our journey of supporting the industry and other stakeholders with providing a unified representation of the emerging Nordic RegTech sector.

Richard Rosenholtz,
Chairman of the Board, Managing Director
Thomas Wu, Board Member
Didde Henriksen,
Board Member

Nikolaj Klein,
Board Member

Zaliia Gindullina,
Vice Chairwoman, Communications
Joar Langeland, Board Member
Kari Syrja,
Board Member

Our Rules

As of this moment, the membership in the Nordic RegTech Association is free of charge and all activities are run by the executive board and volunteers pro-bono. However, we anticipate that once we’ve built up capacity for running regular meet-ups, producing content and sectoral analysis, we would have to introduce a small membership fee.

Nordic RegTech Association will not sell IT-systems, consulting services, office space, act as in incubator, accelerator or engage in any similar activities that can compete with members or be seen as promoting one solution or member over another. 

Nordic RegTech Association can enter association sponsorship and partnerships related to individual or a series of events. But no partnership can be made that includes exclusive rights to NRTs activities. 

Individuals and entities that are interested in RegTech can become members of the Association. Members are permitted to use the logo of the Nordic RegTech Association on website and other media. 

A member can be excluded from the Nordic RegTech Association if it acts in a manner not in line with the spirit of the Association. This decision will be taken by the executive board of the Association and requires a majority of the board members. Excluded members can not represent the Nordic RegTech Association and must remove its logo within one month of exclusion. 

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