Don’t Miss the Chance to be Included to the RT Associates’ RegTech Directory!

We’re excited to announce that the applications for being listed at the RT Directory are now open! RT Associates do a huge amount of research into the global RegTech market and are actively tracking over 1000 RegTechs in their RegTech product database. We’d like to ensure that the Nordic RegTechs are represented so we encourage our members to submit their data to the directory:

The benefits you receive by being listed in a Directory:
The directory is the only point of reference we use when working with regulated firms to find the best solution to their problem.
It is how we introduce the regulated firms to RegTech firms to start potential partnerships.
Showcase your members’ technology and solution to buyers looking for the right regtech product”

The only criteria RT Associates apply are:
must have a product to sell, rather than bespoke software development
must have a clear use case that helps regulated firms to meet regulatory obligations

What is the RegTech Directory

The directory is a list of RegTech products that solve business problems. The RT Directory is compiled by the team at RegTech Associates ( and is now in its 3rd year, originally compiled in 2017.

Is there a charge to list my product ?

No, at the moment it is completely free to list your product. The listing however is at the entire discretion of the RegTech Associates editorial team.

About RT Associates

Founded by Jason Boud in 2017, RegTech Associates is at the centre of the RegTech Community and runs one of the largest RegTech Directories in the market, and this is just the beginning.

The company’s ambition is to Realise The Value of RegTech.

It helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses – RegTech Associates help clients with product fit to market and focus on solving the right business problems to increase their revenue. They provide resources and bespoke research to help the RegTech industry . The RegTech Directory is a premium resource to help the marketplace find, select and procure technology to meet regulatory obligations.


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